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Charlie Laine

I love being in the adult industry. If your regular reader you should know we have “adult conventions” on a regular basis. (If not a regular reader fucking bookmark this site immediately bitch.) This past weekend was my favorite adult convention, in San Francisco. I love San Francisco. I’ve lived in the area on and off since 1989 or so and know the city like the back of my hand, no maps needed. Showing hot babes around San Francisco…. Always fun!

This trip around I got to meet some new friends. I met Shay Laren last year; She’s so much fun (and has a huge rack). But this year it was a special treat also getting to meet Charlie Laine. She’s a hottie.

Charlie Laine shay laren

What’s really funny is that she’s a sweet and innocent girl but her website makes her out to be this porn chick… Oh, don’t get wrong – I’m sure Charlie Laine loves nothing more than shoving a vibrator up her snatch. But out and about time she’s a goofy fun loving girl!

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If Shay Laren in a tight pair of jeans doesn’t do it for you, well, something is wrong with you. Go see a doctor already.

shay laren tight jeans2

Although seeing Shay Laren in a tight pair of jeans is more than enough to get me all hot and excited, what really turns me on about her is her breasts. Real, all natural, huge knockers. I love breasts, all men do. And Shay Laren has a beautiful huge pair of breasts!

shay laren tight jeans1shay laren tight jeans3shay laren tight jeans4shay laren tight jeans5

They say the best of things come in pairs, and I believe it after seeing these photos of Shay Laren!

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Hot damn, Shay Laren in a sexy tight dress…… And big boobs hanging out!

shay laren sexy-dress2

I had the chance to meet Shay Laren this past summer and let me tell you what – she’s a blast. Lots of fun.

Looks like Shay Laren had fun during this photo shoot too!

shay laren sexy-dress1shay laren sexy-dress3shay laren sexy-dress4shay laren sexy-dress5

With titties like hers, I would KILL to have her riding on top of me when we were both naked!

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Busting Out

My my my… Isn’t this just a bit too much to handle? Shay Laren wearing nothing more than her bra and panties and a sexy pair of high heels with her fun bags ready to burst out without warning. This is perfect – everything you need to have fun trying to tear up the sheets with her high heels while she’s buck ass naked and riding on top of you like a cow girl riding a bull!

shay laren sexy bra panties high heels2

The truth is more like most of us couldn’t handle her – Myself included. I’ve had many women – I am in fact a manwhore – but I might just be at a loss trying to handle Shay Laren. Damn, this woman has a body!

shay laren sexy bra panties high heels3shay laren sexy bra panties high heels4shay laren sexy bra panties high heels5shay laren sexy bra panties high heels6

I’d pay money to see her doing jumping jacks!

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Sexy Shay Laren

Now, this is what I’m talking about. Short, tight, sexy dress. Hot.

Damn it, why can’t all woman dress like this daily? I’d never get any work done if they did. I’d spend all of my time at the mall girl watching!

shary laren sexy tight dress1

This is my pal Shay Laren, with the perfect body for a short tight little dress. Nice boobs too I might add. I know all men like boobs, and Shay Laren has them. Two of them to be exact. I like to call them fun bags. Shay Laren has two, large, beautiful, round, fun bags!

I want to fondle them and play with them!

shary laren sexy tight dress2shary laren sexy tight dress3shary laren sexy tight dress4shary laren sexy tight dress5

Who wouldn’t want to play with Shay Laren and her beautiful fun bags!

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You just got to love a woman in tight jeans! You know the kind – the kind that look like they are painted on and have to be pried off. The kind of tight jeans that look so damn hot when they walk on by you, and look twice as sexy as they are walking away from you. Your know the saying: “I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave”.

Check out Shay Laren in her sexy pair of super tight jeans. Kind of makes those old Jordache jeans tame. And it’s about to get a lot better!

shay loren tight jeans2

I started in this industry in 1996 when I got my first home PC. I’ve seen so much nudity in my time; I never thought seeing beautiful women like Shay Laren getting naked would get old. Well, it hasn’t gotten old yet. How could it ever get old?

No, seeing Shay Laren could never ever get old. Imagine waking up every morning next to Shay Laren. Imagine that. Some guys have all the luck, don’t they?

shay loren tight jeans3shay loren tight jeans4shay loren tight jeans5shay loren tight jeans6

I got the chance to meet and hang out with Shay Laren and let me tell you, she’s a fucking winner. All boobs and personality, just how I like them!

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Remember a few months ago I told I met Shay Laren? (For those of you who have short term memory, click here for the post!) Well, her and I have become friends since then. This morning I woke up to a nice email from her – complete with a candid picture of her in a bikini.

God, what I wouldn’t give to be with her right now.

shay laren candid bikini

Damn, Shay Laren looks smoking hot in a bikini!

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Boobs And Legs

Damn, Shay Laren is all boobs and legs…. And that’s the best combination for a great fuck! And I’m willing to be my left nut that Shay Laren knows which end to use – and then some!

shay laren dress up

With legs like this…. And boobs like she has…. Who would say no to Shay Laren?? I know I wouldn’t!

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My Shay Laren

I’m usually not much for porn stars, although I’ve worked in the adult industry for ten years or so. However, recently in San Francisco I got to meet Shay Laren and I must confess, I was a bit taken with her. “Smitten” is the word I would use, although I didn’t want to make love to her but instead I wanted to get her on her hands and knees like a little dog and pound her relentlessly, watching her boobs bounce up and down like a volley ball during an all woman’s volleyball game.

shay laren sexy-jeans

Not only was she hot and had big breasts, but she was nice in person – and lots of fun!

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Shay Laren

This weekend I cruised down to San Francisco to one of our adult conventions… I got to hang out with Penthouse Pet Shay Laren!!!

This is me with Shay Laren. Sweet!

shay lauren

Yeah, I know. I need to go a diet. Shut the fuck up.

Talk about a stunning women. I’ve hung out and dated models before, but usually I can take them or leave them. Usually, they are dumb as bricks. Not Shay Laren. This one is smart as whip, and ten times more beautiful in person than I had expected. Sweet. I got her cell number, and she hooked me up with access to her website this morning. I’m in love with Shay Laren.

I can’t wait to hit that, or at least eat cereal off of her stomach!!!

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