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American Flag Bikini

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Where was Shannyn Xo during the 4th of July? She’s perfect for that…. Shannyn Xo is all American, blonde, big tits, great body, and is wearing a flag bikini. Not sure if Shannyn Xo is a southern girl or not – doesn’t matter much to me either way – but she is another fine example of American culture. The rest of the world might blast us for being Americans, but no one is going to be passing up the chance to bang Shannyn Xo here. Right? Right.

Not sure if it’s the boobs, the blonde hair, or the perfect little body in the bikini…. but either way it’s just perfect. This woman would be dangerous. Not sure who Shannyn Xo is dating, but if I was them I wouldn’t let her out of the house!

Shannyn XO_sexy_bikini

I can’t wait to see Shannyn Xo naked!

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