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Sexy Pattcake Online

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I’m not saying Sexy Pattycake isn’t my cup of tea.  Surely beggars cannot be choosy, and you already know I’ll nail anything that isn’t already nailed down. Even more so if she is a red head, because, you know, I just love red heads. Sexy Pattycake is cute and all of that, and boy she sure does seem to enjoy getting naked online – she loves the entire dress up and cosplay – and she seems like a lot of fun. But she is just up against a lot of competition.

But you guys sure do like her. In fact, she is one of our best sellers on Rochard’s Bunny Ranch.

She does look like a lot of fun. I would hit Sexy Pattycake. Hard too.

Today Sexy Pattycake is wearing a sexy little bikini and a top. It’s like she is planning on spending the afternoon on the beach.

I have to admit Sexy Pattycake has all of the right curves in the right places1

And from behind Sexy Pattycake looks even hotter!

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