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Creative Photoshoot

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So much of the porn today is just more of the same. Every now then a really hot girl that looks like Barbie (Such as XOXO Leah) comes along, and that’s great. But sometimes it still feels like more of the same porn, just a different girl. They have clothes on, they take clothes off, they fondle themselves; The only thing that changes really is the background.

And then we have this set of Sexy Pattycake using black lights….

sexy pattycake black light1

Throw in some fluorescent paint and you have a party to go!

sexy pattycake black light2

I love the shots where the had the fluorescent paint on her hands and place them on her precious little ass, leaving a hand print on her rump!

Sexy Pattycake gets an A+ for creativity and an A+ for having such a cute little tight body!

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