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Bath Surprise!

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Sexy Pattycake looks like she just got caught taking a bath in her parent’s tub…… SURPRISE!

sexy pattycake sexy bath

Reminds me of chick named Laura I knew in high school. I believe my mother reads my blog here; I wonder if she knew about this story.

Laura was a freakish chick that looked like a tall elf. I wanted to hit it ever since I met her. I drove her home from high school to her parent’s house, where we proceeded to fill up her parent’s hot tub in their master bathroom with hot water and bubbles. Twenty minutes later we are buried in bubbles, Pat Benatar is reminding us that Love is a Battlefield and I’m about to show her my ooooooooooooooooooooo face when….. Her mother busts into the room. Fuck. So fucking busted.

Her mother made me get dressed right in front of her. That sucked.

BTW, I’ve talked to Laura recently. You guessed it – She’s a full bore carpet muncher now.

Wow, way off subject. But Sexy Pattycake is still hot.

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