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Remembering 9/11

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Each and every generation has it’s defining moment. These include the assassination of JFK, landing on the moon, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploding, and now September 11th. Nothing has touched me more.

I’ll never forget this day. I was woken up by my big breasted red headed lover who told me an airplane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I brushed it off at first, but then remember in the 1940’s an airplane had crashed into the Empire State Building. I quickly got up, poured myself a cup of OJ, and hit the TV. I dropped my OJ as I watched – live – the second plane the World Trade Center.

I’ve been to the World Trade Center a number of times; It was both incredible and over the top. The lobby was gorgeous with huge escalators leading up to banks of elevators. Tens of thousands of people worked in these buildings and getting people to and from where they needed to go must have been a logistical nightmare. The elevtor up to the top left your heart in your stomach on the way up, and the views from the top left you breathless. If you never had the oppertunity to see this yourself, the trimiph of man over height to this degree, well, you missed out.

I fail to understand why anyone would do what a handful of people did that day. It destroys my mind knowing that there is that much hatred in the world. Why would anyone want to kill innocent people? Thousands at a time? I understand it’s only a handful of people who harbor hatred on this level, but these were innocent people. Until the day I die I’ll never understand why this happened.

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