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Motorcycles Rock

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I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was about fourteen or so. I started with a dirtbike, and then later a street legal moped. Yeah, laugh if you want asshole, but I was the only fourteen year old with my own transportation.

I currently have a Honda CBRxx1100, which is a super fast bike. I have yet to be bested on my CBR. My favorite kill was some idiot in a Ferrari who thought he can take me on. This was on a Saturday morning on an open stretch of freeway. He rolled up to me at about 80mph and then gunned it. I was hoping he would do this and was ready; I downshifted a few gears and quickly over took him. I blew past him at 140mph which is not even close to my top end speed. (Keep in mind I don’t do this often!)

Earlier this year I took the bike down to San Diego, and drove into Mexico just for shits and giggles. I took Billie with me, but only because I wanted her to keep me warm and I enjoyed her breasts neatly tucked into my back. Getting through the border – normall a two hour process – took us ten minutes. It was a great trip.

If you have the means to get a bike you should. It’s a feeling hard to explain. If your new to it please get a smaller bike, and take a motorcycle driving course. Even with years of riding under my belt, when I got I sold my Ninja and bought my Honda I took a motorcycle safety course and I swear I’m a better rider for it. And wear a fucking helmet too!

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