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Four Thousand Pink Marshmellows

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I’m getting too much email about the marshmellow comment I made the other day. One of my friends who calls himself Niko decided to throw a big bon fire type party on the beach. He spent a few hours that afternoon buying wood – four trips in a SUV with each trip loaded with wood. So we created this big fire on the beach.

Niko, in his infinite wisdom, also purchased some twenty-four bags of pink marshmellows. I’m not sure what his intentions were, but the end result was funny as hell. He broke out the marshmellows shortly after midnight. There was two “forces” – us on the back yard patio, and everyone else on the beach itself by the fire. Niko hands out bags of marshmellows and we started to nail people left and right. They were unable to return fire at first, until they discovered that the beach was littered with marshmellows – just covered with them. We pelted each other for the next half hour. It was funny as fuck – more so because everyone was having problems standing up.

Now, the following comes under the department of “kids, don’t try this at home”. Things got a bit too mellow and Nick is rather fond of blowing shit up. We started with fireworks and M80’s but quickly ran out. We tried other things on the fire such as cans of soup, noodles, and cans of soda pop. But it still wasn’t enough.

One guy went and got a bottle of lighter fluid out of his car. That was neat. One of the other houses had some tiki torches running and I thought it would be amusing at best to try those. Those were pretty neat when they exmploded. In fact, I have a video of that!

Kids, don’t try this at home!

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