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Raven’s Bikini

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Yesterday afternoon I got an email from a guy named “mustanglver” asking about Raven Riley.

In case don’t know who this is, here’s a picture (or three)…..

raven riley bikini0

He mentioned that Raven Riley has the top spot on the right of my blog, and hasn’t moved from that spot in a year or so. At the same time, he noticed that I never posted about her. He asked why, and wanted to know if I’ve met Raven Riley.

Well, yes, I met her. Once. You can read the details about it by clicking here.

raven riley bikini1

Why don’t I post about her more often. Hey, she’s Italian, and while Italian women turn me on….. I’ve watched the Sopranos, okay? I know what her friends are like and what they might do to me if I say the wrong thing about her in my blog.

BTW, nice fucking ass this Raven Riley has!!!!

raven riley bikini2

I should post about her more often… Then again, she should wear a bikini more often too!!!!

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