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So this morning I’m going through some old disks and I come across a disk labeled “Raimi“. What’s this? So I pop it into my computer and here’s what I find…

A disk full of never seen before, non nude, bikini pictures of gal pal Raimi Miller

Back in the day when I first got started in the industry I used to run a daily bikini page. Every day I would find a decent picture and post it on up there. (Not much different from my blog now!) The problem is you cannot use pictures without permission. (I have permission to post the pictures I do here on my blog because either I’ve taken them, or I’m using them to promote a website.) Thus, with my trusty little camera in tow, I decided to hire Raimi and shoot some non nude bikini pix of her. This was about the time that her and I were just starting to dig each other, so it’s possible I used this photo shoot as an excuse to “spend some time with her”. There is video footage of this as well. I’ll have to go and dig those up too.

So I’ll be be posting pictures of Raimi for the next week or so. And be sure to check out Raimi’s site if you want to see more of her!

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