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Sunday Girl

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Sunday morning. Time to go to church. Or not.

I don’t go to church. And here’s why…. Chicks like Private School Jewel.

private school jewel sexy jeans3

I’m not making sense am I? It’s simple really. I’ve been to church. I’ve seen the types of chicks that go to church. The ones who are perfect little angels, corn fed, beautiful, perfect skin, perfect bodies. You know. The kinds of chicks I want to give a facial to – right after I’ve reminded them who’s boss by fucking them doggie style. Hard.

Oh, the things I could do to Private School Jewel.

private school jewel sexy jeans4 private school jewel sexy jeans5 private school jewel sexy jeans7 private school jewel sexy jeans8

Seriously. Shes looks like she was raised by angels on the lesbian cloud.

I’m so going to hell aren’t I?

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