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Private School Jewel Has Tiny Perky Boobs

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By now you should know I am a huge boob guy. Not “huge boobs”, but instead a huge fan of boobs. I like boobs of all sizes. I like big ones, perky ones, small ones…. You all know Private School Jewel, right? Right. I’ve heard stories…. Working in the adult industry you hear things….. I heard she was a catholic girl gone bad, she shot some content, and by the the time her site went up she had already moved on and perhaps even felt bad about it. You know the same old story – she got a new boyfriend who didn’t like her ramming her pussy with a vibrator on a website, or perhaps she found god. Whatever. It’s the same old story every time. Eventually they will be back.

She hasn’t been shooting content for her site for some time, but it seems that “This Year’s Model” has some new content of her. I am not sure if she is shooting new content or if it’s just content we haven’t seen before, but either way it’s super hot. I’ve always had a little sweet spot for Private School Jewel so I am glad they have new content of her!

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