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Jewel Is Beautiful

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Looks like Private School Jewel is getting ready for a photo shoot…

Not to burst anyone’s bubble here, but the difference between “average” and “beautiful” when it comes to women is make up. You’ll discover this first hand when you go to a club and you bring home a young tight hottie and then in the morning you wake up and she’s fucking ugly. Then again, that implies that you didn’t have beer goggles on in the first place.

But it seems that Private School Jewel has the make up thing down…. Because she’s looking pretty good!

private school jewel red thong1

Of course Private School Jewel is beautiful no matter what… She might just be one of those rare chicks that is beautiful with or without make up….

Doesn’t matter, I still want to fuck Private School Jewel!!!

private school jewel red thong2 private school jewel red thong3 private school jewel red thong4 private school jewel red thong5

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