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It’s Not a Party Unless……

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It’s Not a Party Unless…… The cops show up when you have naked people in your pool!

My birthday party got off to an odd start last night. It rained and rained fast and hard, and I was concerned that not many people would show up. In the end a full house wasn’t much of a problem, as the rain stopped shortly before everyone started to arrive. In the end about fifty people showed up, a bunch of them from California and other places, and one from as far away as Portland. We went through seven (LARGE!) bottles of Grey Goose, six (SIX!) bottles of Jager, untold cases of beer, and some other stuff. Two people tossed up their dinner or whatnot; At least this time it wasn’t in my back yard. The street outside my house is littered with cigarette butts.

The cops ended up paying my party a visit. One guy was in the upstairs bathroom going through a purse and when he was caught he tried to bolt. A handful of people outside figured something was wrong and gave chase. They caught him about a quarter of a mile away. Besides raiding a purse, this low life also attempted to snag my IPOD. The cops were called; I never saw them. I was in my pool wearing nothing by my boxer shorts. Instead of pressing charges against this guy, it was decided we’d just turn the matter over to his employer to deal with.

I’m sure this guy is one of the guys I’ve bitched about while driving on the road. He’s an idiot.

Other than this, the party went rather well. One of my guests gave me a gallon of chocolate pudding (I have odd friends!). This came in handy at 4am when we had run out of things to do and we decided it would be entertaining for me to pour it all over the body of a naked goddess (pictured above) in my hot tub. We also had some Jager left over, so we poured that over her also. I think someone has video footage of it although I haven’t seen it yet. Lots of pictures of that (I’ll post one later).

Thanks to everyone who made it a great night!

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