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Checking In

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Since leaving Phoenix I lost touch with a lot of my old friends, including Princess Cameron. Much to my surprise she called me last weekend asking why I haven’t been featured here on my blog. Well honey, sometimes if you not right in front of my face I tend to forget. So I told her to take a special photo just for me, nudity optional. She sent a bunch of photos and this was my favorite.

But I’m guessing she doesn’t like to read that much. I believe she goes to college during the day but at night she’s owning the club scene in Phoenix. She loves to dance; You should see her videos!

She gave me access to her website and I must admit the quality of her photos has increased. She just gets sexier all the time. She also told me that she’s having problems finding a good photographer. Do you really mean to tell me that this stunning woman is having problems finding someone to photograph her naked? Well then, I’m your man.

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