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Jayde Nicole

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Playboy announced today that Playmate Jayde Nicole is the new Playmate Of The Year. Does it really get any worse than this?

On the surface Jayde Nicole looks great. She’s got the legs, the boobs, the long hair, and a face any man would beg to fuck. What you don’t see up front is that she’s – Gasp! – Canadian. Great. But after you take off her clothes, above her snatch, she has a tattoo. It says “Respect“. Oh lord.

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You know the only reason she became Playmate of the year was beacuse of her big hair – a nice through back to Playboy back in the day. If she’s fucking who I think she might just be fucking, well, I don’t have much respect for her.

Oh, who I am kidding? I’d still hit it. But I’m sure you can sense my hesitiation here….

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