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Teens Playing Dress Up

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The irony of it all kills me some times. Older women wish they were younger – or at least had the body of a young teen – and the young teens we want to fuck want nothing more than to be older. They love to play dress up, dressing up like they are old enough to be hitting the club scene when the fact is most of them are only nineteen or twenty at best.

This Peachez, a well known hot little blonde number. She thinks she’s old enough to be legal drinking age. I love the effect of the cocktail dress. It’s like being all dressed up with no place to go! If young Peachez needs a place to go and even an escort, I’ll gladly step up to the plate. I won’t even charge her!

peachez cocktail dress1

Are you kidding me? I’d give my left fucking nut for one night with Peachez in this tight, short, black cocktail dress…….

Seems she’s got the ways and the moves of a hot young teen babe – I’m sure she knows a few dozen good moves in bed!

peachez cocktail dress2 peachez cocktail dress3 peachez cocktail dress4 peachez cocktail dress5

Then again, I can teen any nineteen year old chick a few new moves in bed that they’ve never seen before!

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