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Bikini Boat Ride

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Seems to me that Peachez has a thing for boats and boat rides… I’m seeing a lot of pictures in her website with her in boats and, um, various states of undress (which is the way we like her anyhow). This time she’s a little pair of short shorts, a white top, and a bikini – but of course her clothes don’t stay on for long!

Looks like Peachez gets turned on being on a boat out in the ocean….

peachez sexy-boat ride6

Her hand is sliding down her shorts…. You know what she’s touching – her magic star!

Peachez just wants to get off all the time!

peachez sexy-boat ride2 peachez sexy-boat ride3 peachez sexy-boat ride4 peachez sexy-boat ride5

If Peachez needs a helping hand on her sexy boat ride to get off, I’d gladly give her a hand!

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