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Beer Wench

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Who says dreams don’t come true? I dream about Peachez all the time, everything from her riding on top of me to her down on her knees with my cock in her mouth. And in my fantasies she’s wearing every possible clothing item from short skirts to sexy tight dresses and short shorts….

But nothing really compares to seeing Peachez dressed up in white stockings and playing the part of a beer wench!

peachez beer wench4

Now come on, that’s hot – and it’s got to be right up there with the top ten Peachez fantasies…. If I was ever at Octoberfest or whatever and Peachez was serving me beer like that, well, no beer goggles would be needed. And I’d have instant wood too!

peachez beer wench3 peachez beer wench5 peachez beer wench6 peachez beer wench7

Tell me you wouldn’t want a little piece of this pie?

peachez beer wench2

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