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Nikki Sims Splitting Wood

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Nikki Sims is just plain hot. No matter what setting she is in, Nikki Sims  is freaking hot. We’ve seen pictures of her working out, cooking, swimming, on her hands and knees with her legs spread wide and her ass up and yet Nikki Sims always looks hot.

Today we have Nikki Sims outside getting the firewood ready. Let’s face it, we all have to do things we don’t want to do – mowing the grass, yard work, washing the car….. Having a hot chick like Nikki Sims who is so quick to take off her clothes. A chick like Nikki Sims can make a dull boring task you don’t want to do so much more exciting. Imagine you are splitting wood and stacking fire wood when suddenly you notice Nikki Sims has taken off her flannel shirt exposing her huge MILF boobs.

Fuck yeah. I could stack firewood all day with Nikki Sims  walking around with no shirt on. LOL.


Ever notice Nikki Sims  is always smiling when she is naked…. I think Nikki Sims likes beig naked!

Now imagine climbing on top of Nikki Sims  and hitting it right there, just ripping of those jeans and going for it right back by the stack of firewood and taking care of business. It’s okay, you are i the back yard – no one can see you guys fucking like rabbits. And you just know Nikki Sims likes fucking outside. That’s just the kind of chick Nikki Sims is!

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