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Nikki Sims Gets Naked In The Kitchen

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I mentioned the other day I like ALL women, including the MILFs. It’s hard to believe that Nikki Sims is now considered a MILF. LOL. She’s been around for a long time. Yes, I like them all.

Beautiful women are lots of fun, but most men need more than something pretty to look at. I am not sure about anyone else, but I need a lot more. I need someone who is fun. I need someone who likes to play games – and for the love of god, I need a woman who likes to play dress. A chick who wakes up early to make my breakfast is nice, but a chick like Nikki Sims who wakes up early to make me breakfast wearing next to nothing with her titties hanging out and the rest of her full of easy access… How can you say no to this?

How cute is this?

OMG – Who wouldn’t want their girlfriend to dress up like this, make them something in the kitchen, and then serve it up in the bedroom. One can only imagine what is for desert…. I think I would be rock hard in bed knowing Nikki Sims is in the kitchen pretty much naked making me something to eat!

After all of this time Nikki Sims is still super easy on the eyes!

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