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Remember Next Door Nikki

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Remember Next Door Nikki? I know right – blast from the past huh? How many times have you spanked off to Next Door Nikki

Well, she’s still around. And getting a wee bit older has done her well. She’s got child bearing hips (hot!) and huge boobs (but she’s always had a huge rack), so that makes her good to go all the way around.

nikki sims1

Seem Nikki Sims – that’s her real name – never really left us at all. She’s been running her own site called Nikki’s Playmates.

I’ve known this for some time, but they sent out an email this morning with some new pictures… and I just had to share!

nikki sims2 nikki sims3 nikki sims6 nikki sims7

Looks like Nikki Sims is a bit wild these days!

nikki sims4

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