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If this isn’t a slice of perfection I don’t know what is….

Every day I wake up knowing that Next Door Nikki is out there fucking someone, and that someone isn’t me! What I wouldn’t give for just ten minutes alone in a room with Next Door Nikki….. Look at those tits! Those are not the tits of a normal eighteen year chick! Those titties are huge!

next-door nikki huge teen knockers11

But huge watermelon juggs are only the half of it with Next Door Nikki…. There’s a lot more to this girl than just huge boobies!

Not only does Next Door Nikki have the face and the long blonde hair to match, the rest of her ain’t that bad either! Next Door Nikki has a killer fucking ass! And that’s perfect for a whole bunch of things, such as giving her a spanking, doggie style (here girl!), taking her from behind…. gasp – Anal sex?

I’d fuck Next Door Nikki any which way I could!!!

next-door nikki huge teen knockers12

And I’d give it my all too because I know that one night with Next Door Nikki would be my only chance to get her to see the light!!!!

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