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Thursday Throwback To Nastasha Belle

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Chicks will come and chicks will go. Sometimes these chicks are forgotten, sometimes it’s a huge disappointment because we are so sad to see them go. Natasha Belle was an odd one. She came in with a whimper and then left without anyone even noticing. But while she was here, she was super hot.

Natasha Belle was one of those chicks who looked good in anything she wore. She could put on a pair of jeans a t-shirt and it would still knock our socks off and make our dicks hard.

Maybe it was her or maybe it was the photographer, but it seems like Natasha Belle  spent a lot of time in stockings…. Almost every other photo shoot of her had her in stockings. Stockings are hot and sexy. It’s not something you see every day. It’s sort of like ice cream on a hot summer day – kind of rare and a special treat.

Just once I would like to see Natasha Belle  bent over from behind wearing nothing but those sexy little stockings….

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