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Tractor Babes

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I seem to be noticing a new trend on the Intenet, and it’s kind of turning me on: Naked girls on tractors. Not sure why this is.

This photo, combined with the photos of Misty Anderson and other photos I’ve recently found, have become more and more common. And I’m wondering why. The midwest farmer’s daughter type of deal has always been a turn on for me. I remember once when I was a young stapping lad nailing a southern belle on top of a haystack. Good times.

This new fresh one, pictured above, is Melissa Midwest and she’s quickly becoming my favorite gal for the month of December. I’ve never met her, although I’m sure I will soon, but yet I’m finding her pictures all over the place. My favorites are the ones of her on her motorcycles. Girls on bikes TURN – ME – ON!

More to follow!

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