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Misty The Bar Fly

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I love bar flys…. Chicks that hang out at bars looking for some young stud to have to sex with. Misty Anderson would make a great bar fly!

misty anderson bar fly great ass6

And the more clothes she starts taking off, the better she looks….. I love her tight white pants, and I like her tight white pants even more as she starts taking them off to reveal she’s wearing a black thong…..

Ha. I remember when men had to beg women to wear a thong for them!!! Those days are long gone – thankfully!!!

misty anderson bar fly great ass3misty anderson bar fly great ass4misty anderson bar fly great ass5misty anderson bar fly great ass2

And then when Misty Anderson lays down on the bar wearing nothing but that black thong, smashing her more than ample breasts on top of the bar…… Lifting her ass up just a little bit! Yeah, you know Misty Anderson wants it!!!

misty anderson bar fly great ass1

I just wish I could be the one to give it to her!!!! Because you know how I love Misty Anderson!!!!

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