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Misty Playing Pool

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So I don’t feel like working any more tonight, so instead I’m surfing around, going from member’s area to member’s area. My chosen line of work, while unconventional to most, does have it’s perk. Not only do I have full access to Misty Anderson’s member’s area, but I also have her cell phone number. (To answer your next question, fuck off, no way I’m handing it out to a stranger via email!)

So I hit her member’s area and there is none other than Misty Anderson playing pool…. Oh, the possibilities here are endless!!!


The only thing that’s missing here is the sexy high heels and how dare you put a hot chick like Misty Anderson in a photoshoot with a pool table without putting her in a mini skirt, bending over and such… That would have been so much hotter!

But Misty Anderson made up for it by being so damn hot! Here’s a rare shot of her naked; I call it rare because I don’t usually post pictures of chicks naked although I’m growing into it.

misty-anderson-perfect-breasts-pooltable2 misty-anderson-perfect-breasts-pooltable4 misty-anderson-perfect-breasts-pooltable6 misty-anderson-perfect-breasts-pooltable7

Very hot. I’d play pool with her any time she wants. Fuck it, I’d even buy a pool table for my house if I knew she wanted to play and was willing to come out to visit me again. That’s fine. I’ll see her soon enough!

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