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I so need to change my cell phone number.

Late last night as I’m about to turn in I get a phone call from Misty Anderson. Usually a phone call from her is a good thing, but boy oh boy was she pissed off! Misty and I go back a long way; She’s the one chick I’ve always wanted to knock uglies with but haven’t. I would so hit that, but that’s another story.

How can you not want to hit this?

Misty Anderson-124-15-lg

So she’s pissed off. “Richard” she says, “You are launching blogs for all kinds of girls on the Internet but you haven’t done one for me”. Damn. Tell me me how you really feel.

So I’m laying in my bed next to my girlfriend – who is just as hot as Misty Anderson – and I’m thinking to myself “I can add in another blog“. I woke up this morning, purchased misty-Anderson.net, installed WordPress, and put up some posts. I’ll throw in some never ever seen before pictures and bamo – I have a brand new blog. Being as I’m the lifetime President of the Misty Anderson Fan club, well, it’s a perfect match.

Wait until Misty finds out about it. Check it out: misty-anderson.net!!!!

Oh, and who am I kidding? I could change my cell phone number today, but the first person I would give it to would be Misty!

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