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Megan Summers

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I know that Misty Anderson likes girls, but I never knew she got it on with Megan Summers. She looks like a hot little perky blonde chick with big tits. I wonder if that’s what Misty Anderson prefers…..

The two of them look so cute together. Just like two girlfriends hanging out together in the bathroom, doing each other’s hair, talking – you know how girls love to chat!

misty anderson misty anderson lesbian sex1

Of course, having two chicks so close to each other with such hot tight little bodies and it’s only a matter of time before they are going to be all over each other…… First Misty Anderson lifts up her shirt and lets Megan take a closer look (with her tongue!) and then Misty Anderson feels up Megan’s tight little ass!!!

misty anderson misty anderson lesbian sex2 misty anderson misty anderson lesbian sex3

I’d hit ’em both!

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