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Knees And Elbows

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I used to think that a woman down on her knees was the hottest thing ever… Because that meant one thing and one thing only – You were about to get blown!

Since then I’ve discovered that a hot chick dressed up in skimpy lingerie on her knees and elbows is much hotter! This is because you never know what your gonna get! Will she want a spanking? Try to suck you off? Does she want to be hit from behind? Anal sex?

I love watching Misty Anderson on her knees and elbows…. With Misty Anderson you have no idea what’s going to come next!

misty anderson sexy-babe hands and knees1

Misty Anderson sure does look like she’s in the mood….. She’s sucking on her finger here…… She wants it and wants it bad!!!!

misty anderson sexy-babe hands and knees2

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