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Dreams Do Come True!

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Dreams do come true! Guess who came to visit me?

Misty Anderson, that’s who!

Here’s the story. It’s no big secret that I think Misty Anderson is by far the most beautiful woman on the Internet. But that does mean I was close to her. I’ve had her number; I called her once. Anyhows, we were having a party locally in my new home state of California and I needed a date. The party was on Saturday, so I called her the Thursday before and left a voice mail saying “This is Rochard, pack your bags – I’m flying you out to Sacramento to party on Friday”. She calls me back, we talked about it – and I bought her a $600 plane ticket for the next day (sort of short notice huh?). So she flew out and we spent all of forty-eight hours or so together. It was rather romantic. I took her shopping, out for breakfast, we did the party…… and did a photo shoot on the Mach 1 (pix to follow!).

All in all I got to know Misty Anderson pretty well. She’s nicer than I had expected. In fact, now I’m sure she’s my favorite model!

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