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Teen Ass Tight As A Drum

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Isn’t this exactly how you like your women? Tall, legs, and tight as a drum? I know, right?

This is Michelle Jean from This Year’s Model. Yum. Michelle Jean is wearing a black bra and a black pair of panties and is bending over and showing off how her ass, her tight little ass, and just as importantly she is showing off how her tight little ass looks like in a thong when she is bending over. I must admit her her ass looks perfect. My lord, Michelle Jean is as tight as a drum. I mean, I would be afraid to hurt her – snap her in half.

But then again if I ever got the chance to take on Michelle Jean I wouldn’t say no. I would try not to break her, but either way I am sure banging Michelle Jean would be a blast. I should add this to my bucket list. In fact, all of us should add banging Michelle Jean to our bucket list. Perverts.

Not only does Michelle Jean has a nice tight ass, but my lord she is a tall drink of water. This woman is all legs. And she is smart too – she can do web design and web sites too!

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