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Michelle Jean

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It’s been a long time since we’ve had someone new on Rochard’s Bunny Ranch. I like this chick.

Her name is Michelle Jean, and she’s a very rare breed indeed. Just for a moment, let’s set aside the fact that this tight little hard body with the long brown hair and the eyes that could launch a million men into war…. The best thing about her isn’t her breasts, her ass, those sexy pink panties, or those hot little sluty shoes. It’s her brain. You see, Michelle Jean is smarter than the average bear – and perhaps smarter than both you and I put together. Chicks who can code HTML and CSS and do grrahpics and set up their own websites (Yes, websiteS) on their own without a man…. Is a rare breed indeed. And it seems Michelle Jean is that kind of chick.

michelle jean

I had talked to Michelle Jean for a few days about business stuff and she showed me what she was working on and I’m like “that chick is beautiful”. Then she told me that chick was her. Opps.

No matters. I would still hit it. Maybe even kidnap her if I had to.

Michelle Jean is on the “This Year’s Model” site.

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Michelle Jean

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