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Michelle Jean Ironing In Panties

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Many years ago I had a girlfriend that would do anything for me. She was amazing really. Anything I ever wanted, she did. One time Playboy did a cover where the model was covered in chocolate so…. We did that. (Turns out covering your body in chocolate is kind of gross, and the house will smell like chocolate for weeks. At least we can say we did it.) One time I asked her to iron for me naked, wearing on a pair of high heels. She did it without question. Chicks like that are hard to find and even harder to hold onto.

The other day in my inbox I got some new pictures of Michelle Jean from This Year’s Model. Hot hot hot hot. Michelle Jean is just utterly amazing. She is super easy on the eyes, has long legs for days…. And she can do her own graphics and web page design. Plus she markets the “This Year’s Model” website. Michelle Jean is just nothing short of amazing.

She would make a good partner in crime for sure. Chicks that can do graphics design and HTML… Super hot. Not only can she do all of that, but she also cleans the house in the nude. And does the ironing in he panties.

What more can a man ask for from life?

Damn, Michelle Jean has some long legs! Those legs go on for days.

The man that gets to bed Michelle Jean is a lucky man indeed. Who wouldn’t want a hot teen chick to do their ironing in their panties? I bet you she cooks in her panties too, and does all kind of other things in her panties too. Then again, if you lived with Michelle Jean… Every day you would get the chance to watch her shower. Again I ask you – what more can a man want from life?

Michelle Jean is marriage material for sure.

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