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Women Love Giving Head

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No matter how much women will admit it, they love the cock. The cock is the one thing that brings them huge amounts of pleasure over and over again. Women will just never ever admit it to you!

Melissa Midwest is no stranger to cock. She’s learned that if she wants to get everything that a cock can give her, she needs to make it nice and hard! That’s easy enough to do – just take it in her mouth! But Melissa Midwest has always learned that the better of a blow job she gives, the harder his cock will get – and the more pleasure it will bring her!

Melissa Midwest starts off by stroking a bit to wake him up….

melissa midwest loves sucking cock oral fetish3

Then Melissa Midwest starts to lick it – up and down, from the tip of his cock to the base of his balls!

melissa midwest loves sucking cock oral fetish4

melissa midwest loves sucking cock oral fetish5

Next up Melissa Midwest will take the entire cock in her mouth and try to deep throat him!

What a great photo set this was! I love watching Melissa Midwest sucking cock! See it all in her member’s area!

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