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Sexy Hot Video

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Getting a chick like Melissa Midwest to perform on video is not as easy as it sounds. And it’s not all fun and games either. One of the things I learned when video taping a hot naked chick is that you have to pay attention to what your doing – no sneaking free peaks. Move that camera away from her and it’s caught on camera.

I remember one time while taking pictures I handed the video camera to a model’s boyfriend and asking him to shoot video tape for me. Great fucking idea. He decided he could hold the camera any which way he wanted, thinking we could fix it later when we edited. He wasn’t too bright. Then again, he got to fuck her nightly and I didn’t, so maybe he was smarter than I was.



So while cruising Melissa’s site I came across this picture and thought it was hot. Another huge turn on. Seems to be a lot of them. It’s getting to the point where the wind changes direction and my little pecker gets going!

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