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New Years Resolutions

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The party ended in the wee hours of the new year; We managed to get away without the cops being called. Note for future reference: The next time I throw one of my large parties, invite all of my neighbors, and throw it on a night when everyone else in the world is throwing a party. Good call.

So tonight, the night after the big party, everything is quiet here. I’m listening to music on YouTube (shhhhh – Don’t tell the artists!). And I’m wondering what my New Years Resolutions are this year. Last year I managed to quit smoking and quit drinking; I know what your thinking – Don’t drink don’t smoke what do you do? – but I can pick up either where I left off and be fine with it. I decided I wanted to make one of my New Years Resolutions to visit Hawaii, but that took all of ten minutes online buying tickets and booking our flight for later this month.

I thought of another good New Years Resolution – fucking Hayden Panettiere – but then I figured that was a bit of a stretch. Then I thought to myself “I could make my New Years Resolution to fuck Raimi Miller, but since she’s coming to Hawaii with me later this month that would be a bit too easy. Wait, how about fucking Tiffany? Remember her?

I must admit – I’d love to fuck Melissa Midwest!!!!

i want to fuck melissa midwest

God damn, Melissa Midwest is always smoking hot! I met her once……

Still, I’m reaching here, aren’t I?

Maybe it’s time to for me to speak my mind. I’ve been holding back here but every now and then it’s time for me to be me and say what I really feel. So be ready.

Welcome to 2009. Peace out.

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