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Court Day

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Remember I posted the story about Melissa Midwest and how she got arrested again? She lives in Lincoln , Nebraska, and because she such beautiful breasts she seems to enjoy showing them off in any bar that will allow her. Seems the city of Lincoln has a problem with this, and she finally had her day in court. Here’s what Melissa Midwest told me:

So I was sentenced today on my recent public nudity charges! The judge gave me 6 months probation and 50 hours of community service but told me if I finish my community service early she may let me off in December. I guess I would say it’s about what I expected but I still plan to file the appeal on Monday for both the conviction and the sentence because I still think it was crap. This may take up to a year to get resolved so I will go ahead and get my probation out of the way in the mean time. I also almost have my lawsuit ready to file I hope within the next 10 days it will be done.

I’m not sure if this is good news or bad news, but either way she plans on fighting it. Fifty hours of community service seems like a lot of time, but I guess it’s better than jail time – although the thought of Melissa Midwest proudly showing off her breasts in a all womans prison sort of excites me.

She also sent me this picture taken the day she went to court:


It’s pretty safe to assume Melissa Midwest didn’t wear this outfit into court but rather changed directly after her hearing. Now, if she flashed her breasts in the picture it would have been great.

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