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Babes on Bikes

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I have a motorcycle – a killer sports bike – and I love to ride. Any excuse to hop on the bike – Run out of TP? No problem. I’ll cruise up to the street and pick some up. Be back in two hours.

Girls on bikes turn me too.

This is Melissa Midwest on “a bike”, but here’s the question – Is this her bike, and does she ride herself? I’d like to know.

And of course girls that ride naked are always a plus. I’d pay money to see that really.

The other day I was driving my Mach 1 and I came across this girl riding on the back of a bike. Every time she bent over a little to hold on to the driver she’d expose her thong, which oddly enough was a huge turn on for me. Needless to say I went out of my way to follow that bike!

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