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Teasing Tool Girl

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Men like chicks who are into manly things. This is not to be confused with manly chicks. Most men like chicks who are into motorcycles, four wheeling, trucks, and…. Tools. All men like tools. Even those of us who do not work well with tools still get turned on by chicks who like to play with tools…. And once again Meet Madden delivers. She always does.

Look at her sitting on that work bench with her legs spread, showing us her panties. That’s our type of girl. Although I must admit I am curious as to what the propane tank is for. However, I am much more interested in seeing Madden naked!

meet madden loves tools1

I think we can pretty much see her breasts…. I know how Madden likes to tease us. But not today – Today Madden is a nearly naked tool girl!

meet madden loves tools2

A naked tool girl we all want to bang!

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