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Sexy Girl Next Door Madden

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Everyone wants to bang the girl next door. They are cute and perky and super friendly, and oh so cute. Everyone has that chick who lives next door or in the same apartment building, usually a blonde with a tight little ass. However, usually they want nothing to do with you. Mostly because you live in an apartment building… Get a job and buy a house.

Madden makes a good “next door girl”. In fact, she is the girl next door. She’s cute. She’s perky. She’s hot. And Madden won’t sleep with you!

I think the thing I like the most about Madden is the fact that no matter what she wears she looks super fucking sexy!

I only see one down side with Madden…. She doesn’t have a huge rack. This is why I call her “perky”. Girls without huge tits I always call “perky”. But make no mistake about it if Madden wanted to get naked and ride on top of me, tits or no tits, I surely wouldn’t say no. In fact, I would gladly even pay for this. A lot too. I am sure Madden is worth every cent. But she’s not a hooker (damn!) and only a girl next door. But that’s hot too. That means Madden is going to make you jump through hoops to get down her pants!

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