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More Madden

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I’ve only posted about Meet Madden here once or twice, but she’s quickly growing on me. Blonde haired teen usually do grow on me – quickly.

She’s got a great little tight body, and blonde hair that I love so much ( but mostly because it’s difficult to find real red heads ).

In this first picture…. Oh god, I swear I just want to rub my cock on her ass and just keep rubbing until I drop my load right there on her ass. Oh wait – is she on her hands and knees? I know that it’s the fantasy of all men that young teens like Meet Madden spend most of their time on their hands and knees ( waiting to suck cock ) or having lesbian sorority pillow fights…. But still this is hot!

meet madden panties sexy pose2

Now that Meet Madden has flipped around I’d still like to rub my privates on her and drop my…. Well, you know.

meet madden panties sexy pose1

Meet Madden rocks. I would soooo do her.

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