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Meet The All American Girl

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I know it must be cold where Madden lives, so this picture must have been taken last summer or something like this. Doesn’t matter it’s still hot. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s still new to you.

I am sure I have told this story many, many times before about Madden. The first time I heard about her I got access to the site and checked out her member’s areas. Some members areas are better than others, but at the time who ever had created the website for Madden did a really good job. I remember the first thing I saw on her site was Madden driving around in a big (huge!) pick up truck looking at horses. Come on, there is nothing more American than a hot blonde chick in a pick up truck looking at horses.

My gosh, Madden was so young back then. Don’t get me wrong Madden is still smoking hot, but just a little bit older. Madden is still well within her prime. She is still marriage material. Madden will most likely always be marriage material. That’s ho hot she is.

Why Madden has her couch outside I have no idea. But the short shorts and the flannel shirt is pretty damn hot. If you look closely that flannel shirt is unbuttoned and tied up above her belly button. That must be smoking hot when Madden is up on her feet walking around.

I think Madden is really the all American girl. I can just imagine how she spends her 4th of July!

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