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Meet Madden Is Cray Cray

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Every now and then in the adult industry you come across something funny. Case in point is Madden. You can just tell Madden has one of those sense of humor that just won’t quit.

Shooting porn, after a while, gets boring. Trust me on this one. You spend all of your time taking photos of hot models and one might think that it could never get boring, but it sure does. Day after day of the same damn thing. You wake up and you say to yourself “I have to shoot so and so today, and I have to come up with yet another idea for a photoshoot”. After six months of this, day after day, you have shot every possible set in every room you can think of. French Maid? Done that. Schoolgirl? Done that. Short Skirt? Panties? High heels? Tank top? In the tub? In the shower? Done, done, and done.

But with Madden things would never get old. She’s just like a ball of yarn – always entertaining.

I think Madden is nothing short of cray cray. But only in a sexy kind of way.

Yeah, I would never get tired of shooting Madden.

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