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Meet Madden In A Tight Dress

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So many good looking woman, so little time.

I love women over all. There is a saying that goes “Sometimes the clothes do not make the man” but in the case of a woman, it’s always true. This is of course Madden from Meet Madden. It’s utterly amazing how what a women is wearing can change her and change everything about her. Usually we see Madden in pair of short shorts or tight jeans and a flannel shirt, and now more recently she’s been showing up in bikinis. And you know how I like bikinis. But when chicks get dressed up like they going to a big job interview it’s super hot.

I don’t think Madden is going to a job interview in this dress, and I am guessing where she lives she doesn’t exactly have a lot of night clubs to go out clubbing in. Is it possible she is just getting dressed up just for the sake of dressing up? Is Madden getting all dressed up just to entertain her boyfriend or secret lover? Isn’t that everything every man has ever wanted? A woman that would dress up for him for no reason at all?

That is Madden for you.

Don’t you wish all women were more like Madden? Blonde, cute, tight, perky boobs, super friendly, likes horses, drives a truck, and most importantly likes dressing up for her man. I cannot find any faults in this one, that’s for sure.

Sigh. I wish more women were like Madden. If women put out more often and dressed like her there would be a lot more happier men around!

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