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Madden’s Sexy Bra

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Every day should start with a little bit of Madden.

Madden is the kind of girl that is the light of the party. She loves to entertain. She is the one who gets things started. The first time I was in her members area there was a video where she was driving around looking at horses – It was clear that she was confident and in charge. I can just see it now – Everyone is hanging out on the back porch at night, it’s getting late, people are drunk, and everyone is just chilled… That’s when Madden suddenly lifts up her shirt and takes it off. Turns out her bra looks a lot like her shirt…

Madden is the type girl that gets the party started, and then keeps it going!

The first time I saw a picture of Madden she was dressed up like a little school girl in a short skirt and a little plaid sweater… But in the end Madden is really a country girl – the short shorts she has on and the little cowboy boots are just perfect for Madden. This is how she likes to dress.

I am not sure when this happened but somewhere along the line country chicks became smoking hot. I mean, I remember years ago banging some farmer’s daughter in Georgia but somewhere along the line country girls have become trendy and “in”.

So long as she is dressed like Madden I would so hit it.

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