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Madden’s New Sex Dress

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I am not one to pass judgement on photographers. I’ve worked in the adult industry as a photographer before, and after a while it gets difficult. Even more so when you have to shoot the same exact girl over and over again. After a while you just plain run out of ideas. After a while it seems like you’ve done everything and you start spending more time looking for new ideas – new places to shoot, and new clothes to wear. Here is a little dirty secret – we used to go on bulk shopping trips to discount stores and buy tons of woman’s clothing. Just keeping new clothes ready for models to use can be a full time position.

It looks like Madden has found some new clothes – and a new place to shoot too. The end result is rather stunning.

Madden looks beautiful in this little red dress and high heels…..

The stripper high heels, white socks, tiny dress hanging off of her shoulders combined with her hands behind her back like this is super hot!

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to tear into Madden right there and then? I would take Madden outside right there and bang her right up against that door.

Madden looks stunning from behind too!

I’ve never really noticed what a nice ass Madden had before. Usually I like her blonde hair, and her sexy little perky breasts. I am not much of an ass man, but seeing Madden like this might just make me change my mind!

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