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Madden Wants To Show Off Her Boobs

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I really believe Madden WANTS to show off her boobs. She’s been around for a while now, at least a few years, and the longer Madden has been a solo girl the more she wants to show off her boobs. Let me tell you – as a pornographer it’s a huge pain in the ass to try to intentionally shoot “non nude” content. You constantly have to work around the nudity, making sure everything is covered up. It’s just a huge pain in the ass, and even more so when you want to see her naked. It’s got to be tough for the photographer who gets off seeing Madden naked during the shoots, but never gets to take pictures of her naked. I am sure there are some photos from behind the scenes where she is naked.

At the same time I am guessing sales to her site is slowing down, and she is missing the extra money the extra sales used to bring in. It’s a cycle all solo girls go through, and I think we are getting closer and closer to seeing Madden naked. Or least topless.

In fact, Madden is pretty much topless right now… She is just covering up the good parts.

For some reason I’ve always liked a chick in sunglasses where their eyes are covered. It’s sort of sexy in a coy kind of way. All Madden needs is some serious red lipstick.

Not feeling the dress really. Chicks are funny. They dress up in silly long dresses, hiding all of the things we want to see the most. I can understand it if she was in her fifties, but Madden is young, still has a rocking body; Everyone wants to see her naked.

When I see a chick like Madden in a long dress like this I wonder if she is wearing panties. If I was a chick I know I would go without wearing panties as often as I could…. Then again, if I was a chick like Madden I would be a total slut!

I am secretly so in love with Madden.

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