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Madden Shows Cleavage In Sexy Bikini

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So this is new from Madden…. And I couldn’t be happier.

Every so often I check out Madden’s member’s area and see what is new with her. Usually I am pleasantly surprised. In this case I was really REALLY surprised. I’m not going to tell you again how much I love the bikini and what it represents blah blah blah. But it’s not often I get to see Madden in a bikkini so of course I got really, really excited….

And this is not any bikini that Madden is wearing. The bottom is a normal bikini. The top is utterly perfect. Madden has a nice little rack but this new bikini top really does it justice. I swear this bikini top makes her bikini look so much bigger than they are. I guess a chick like Madden needs all of the help she can get. She knows exactly how to use it too. All women are the same.

Of course seeing Madden on her freaking knees is magical too. All of my life I’ve wanted to see Madden on her knees in front of me. I guess we all need to dream.

Just remember… No matter how beautiful a chick is someone somewhere is tired of fucking her… I’m not sure who can get tired of fucking Madden, but I’m sure someone is tired of her.


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