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Madden In Sexy Flannel

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I am not much into flannel. Come to think of it, I don’t think I own a single article of clothing made of flannel. And now that I give it a little bit more thought, I don’t believe I’ve ever owned a single article of clothing that was made of flannel. Ever. I doubt I ever will.

Chicks in flannel are kind of hot. It’s a country girl kind of thing. And country girls are always hot.

Madden is a country girl – through and through. Her site has some old videos in it of her driving around in a big truck looking at horses. Yeah, you can tell she is a country girl. A country girl who works out. The neat thing about Madden is that she doesn’t need to wear a bra – she has tiny perky titties.

She must also work out… Not an inch of fat on her body…. She either works out or is a stripper.

Here is the really strange thing… Madden is wearing motorcycle panties? I am not sure if that is hot or if that is kind of strange. I think I would want to see flowers or something on her panties before I would see motorcycles…. But don’t get me wrong – I would so hit it.

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